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  “CMAC was able to 
achieve distinction for 
the industry in the area 
of communications 
through eConcepts' 
research, writing, and 
insights. Sharon's ability 
to visualize and 
explain the complex — 
whether economics, 
recycling, reclamation, 
or aggregate supplies — 
resulted in publications 
and products that have 
cast a whole new image 
for our industry.”
  — Construction Materials 
Association of California
Below is a "snapshot" of some of our wide ranging projects. These campaigns include consulting, strategy, advocacy, writing, research, presentations, and relationship building:

Improving Public and Political Perceptions: Industry Image Campaign

When a major California industry determined that it needed to improve public perceptions of its products and activities, eConcepts developed a significant advocacy, education and communications campaign using a variety of integrated PR tools. eConcepts produced focused messaging, including marketing communications collateral, research studies, educational materials, surveys, media kits, and presentations designed to specifically inform each of the industry's most important stakeholder groups.  Today the industry has excellent communications and relationships with the political and regulatory communities, and has an improved image with the public and other constituencies.

Community Relationship Building:  Assuring Business Continuance

Misunderstandings and misinformation, coupled with changes in population and demographics, threatened closure of a family-owned industrial business serving the community for over 50 years.  A neighborhood and community outreach program was developed, including a high-quality specialty newsletter. Through careful and considerate relationship building and communications consistently maintained for several years, today the company enjoys a warm relationship with its neighbors and community.

Crisis Management:  Saving a Local Business and 300+ Jobs

When another local business was faced with long-term closure putting 300+ full-time jobs at risk, eConcepts was asked to serve as part of the legal and public affairs' crisis management team.  Press releases and key testimony used in public hearings before the governing State Commission were provided.  The team effort resulted in the business quickly re-opening with no employee lay-offs.

Creating Community Leadership for a Non-Profit: Winning a Community Development Block Grant

An acclaimed, highly-regarded performing arts organization sought to develop an after-school performing arts' program funded by grants in partnership with schools and community non-profits. eConcepts collaborated with leading educators, administrators, and directors to develop a variety of after-school performing arts programs for at-risk children in multiple venues. A HUD Community Development Block Grant was awarded by the group's city to the only arts organization in the competitive, high needs non-profit sector. Additional fundraising and grants were achieved, including management of a three-year Hewlett Foundation grant.

Providing Decision Makers with Data: Economic Impact Studies

Often City Councils, Boards of Supervisors, Planners, and Regulators are faced with making decisions about industries that they don't fully understand, and for which they have been provided insufficient substantive information. eConcepts produces economic impact studies that include professionally prepared data by renowned economists in an easily accessible format.  Pertinent points can be readily summarized and utilized by the media and others so that the true impacts of an industry are readily understood. These studies have been particularly helpful for permitting projects.

Gathering 360° Intelligence: Community Feasibility Studies

When an out-of-state company was looking at a potential site to develop in California, eConcepts was hired to assess community feasibility. This particular industry required regional social, political, and environmental intelligence in order to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders, as well as fundamental demographic, economic, and historical data. On-site field and secondary research was conducted discretely and thoroughly, resulting in a fully-documented report for the client. eConcepts' research and information contributed to the company's decision making that saved millions of dollars.

Presenting to investors, launching a new community college program, or training employees for community engagement

eConcepts partners with top graphic designers to write powerful PowerPoint presentations that influence audiences. Presentations have ranged from selling investors an innovative Motosports' marketing platform, to launching a new statewide community college program, to preparing employees to speak in their local community.

"It's difficult to find a competent technical writer that can grasp the concept of your business and then accurately write about it. Sharon and eConcepts are able to do just that. Sharon's work is both detailed and thorough, and her writing is well-organized and applicable.  In addition, eConcepts' direction to Phillips Design has always been clear and understandable.  Sharon's intelligence and common sense approach to projects is invaluable.  I highly recommend eConcepts for your next writing or research project."


Jill Chan, Manager, Phillips Design

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